small LOUD alarms
that thwart thieves

The Virtual Anti-Theft Lock for Projectors, Televisions, iMacs, and PCs

OFFENSE is the best defence

Sonic Shock is an offensive defence. It works like a car alarm— individually affixed to each of your projectors, TVs, computers, or monitors. Thieves either have to carry a sounding alarm, or expend time trying to remove it. Amateurs quit. Pros leave. Your hardware stays.

Thieves Hate Noise

They don't worry you'll catch them in the act. You won't.
They care someone will notice: When? Who? What did they look like? Thieves want nothing to do with things that draw attention. That's bad for business.

Noise is Toxic

Noise, any unusual noise at all, attracts attention thieves don't want, or it betrays thieves masquerading as legitimate service technicians. Amateurs quit. Pros leave. Your hardware stays.

More Potent than Tie-Down Hardware

Cables are quickly cut, or whatever they're tethered to busted up. Sonic Shock isn't a cure for cancer, but if cables alone worked, you wouldn't be reading this.

Hard to Defeat

High grade Stainless Steel, spot welds, and polycarbonate or aluminum mounting plate, all affixed with industrial methyl methacrylate structural adhesive. If they get it off, what's left won't sell for much, assuming it even still works.

Easy for You

ZERO false alarms. You can bump into it, whack it with a basket ball, swing or adjust the TV on its mount within limit of the tether. No low battery beeps: the battery will last 5 years and is easy to replace.


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One common device to secure all AV, computing, and display devices


We make small LOUD anti-theft alarms that thwart, frustrate, and stop theft of TV's / televisions, projectors and PCs / computers / iMacs. Deployed by commercial users world wide – universities, colleges, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, business centers, and community centers. Sonic Shock anti-theft alarms are not only proven more effective than locks, cables, or tie downs, they also spare your site from unsightly cables, locks, or chains that tell your customers both that you don't trust them, and that your site is potentially unsafe.